Security Consultancy


If you aren’t completely confident in your information security posture or your ability to manage IT risk, talk to Protega. Our cyber security consultants provide services and solutions that deliver continuous security assurance for business, and critical infrastructure.


Managing risk doesn’t necessarily mean risk free. At Protega, we think of the bigger picture. We can examine your organisation’s whole system, analysing whether your ICT technical and procedural structures will weather a concerted attack. This is the difference Protega provides from simple penetration testing, to deeply understanding the inherent technology risk your business carries daily. We believe technical counter measures are merely the first step in proactive cyber security management. Through a committed client relationship, Protega takes control of your organisation’s specific needs, developing focused, cost effective security strategies and ultimately ‘de-risking’ your business operations.


Protega believe that resilience is key to safeguard thorough cyber security, yet this can only be achieved through analysing the probability of an attack. This is where Protega steps in, implementing tailored programs to highlight the vulnerabilities within an organisation’s systems. No company can truly declare themselves secure, particularly without undertaking these crucial initial assessments.

Our Security Testing team is a group of highly experienced ethical hackers and security consultants who have worked with some of the most reputable organisations in the region. Protega’s security testing team gives you the real-world experience of attack by attempting to access your ICT environment from the outside, the inside, or we can tailor a specific security assessment targeting your critical websites or systems.

Protega believes in working closely with our clients, devising an agreed test schedule and plan within specific timeframes. This can often mean testing outside of core business hours, with a pre-determined scope of how far into your systems we will delve. These processes lead to minimising any lengthy impact upon your business activity, a client advantage that Protega work hard to provide.


A Cyber Incident is a matter of when, not if, a compromise will occur within you organisation. Compromises which likely affect infrastructure systems and compromise key data such as personally identifiable information. An Incident Response Plan (IRP) guides the response to such breaches. The primary objective of an IRP is to manage a cybersecurity event or incident in a way that limits damage, increases the confidence of external stakeholders, and reduces recovery time and costs. Taking the time to develop a robust IRP through  planning, communication, and practice of the incident response process to ensure your organisation has the best life line when you need it most.

Protega has the necessary experience to help build and develop your Incident Response Plan.

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